Episode Choose Your Story Choice Mechanism

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Episode Choose Your Story Choice Mechanism

Episode Choose Your Story is a unique game, which allows the players to be a part of a beautiful story. The game consists of lots of stories of different genres. Players can choose a story of their favorite genre and start playing it. The game entirely depends on the choices made by the player and the storyline is also altered as per the same.

The game mainly focuses on choice mechanism where each and every choice made by the player has some or the other significance in the game. Throughout the game the player has to make lots of choices but these choices can be broadly classified as small choices and path breaking choices.

Small Or Insignificant Choices:

Majority of the choices available to players are of this category. These choices will have little significance over the story but it does give players a sense of control over the story. These choices include conversations with other players, selecting a costume to wear, choosing place for hanging out, etc. No matter what choice a player makes, there will be ‘no’ or ‘minor’ changes in the story plot. These choices are mainly kept in the game for entertainment purposes as they do not alter the storyline in any manner.

Path Breaking Choices:

Only few choices in the game are of this category, but these choices determine the course of the game and it gives players a complete control over the future plot of the game. These choices includes things such as which guy to date, how to deal with the break up, selection between two friends, which subjects to study, etc. These choices should be made wisely as the main story moulds as per these choices. Major turning points in the game are based on these choices, so a careful evaluation of the outcome should be considered while making such choices.

Character Customization:

Apart from the above two choices, players get the chance to completely customize their characters. Players can choose from different customization options, which include Hair, Face Shape, Lip shape and color, hair style and color, etc. Players can also control the way its playable character dresses; they can choose to look casual by wearing Jeans and Shirt or they can look Suave by donning a Tuxedo.

Even though the stories in Episode: Choose Your Story are pre-determined and scripted, but the gameplay will surely give you a completely different experience. So, give it a shot right away!

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