Featured Stories Of Episode: Choose Your Story Game

Featured Stories Of Episode Choose Your Story Game

Featured Stories Of Episode Choose Your Story Game

Episodes: Choose Your Story is a story based game where players get to play a certain story and the outcome of the story depends entirely on the choices made by them. The game features over 57,000 stories but below mentioned are some of the popular stories of the game. After reviewing featured stories, we would also like you to try our Episodes: Choose Your Story hack.

Mean Girls: Senior Year:

In this story, you play a part of a teenage girl who has secured admission in North Shore High School and aims at applying on Yale. The story becomes more interesting as one of her fellow classmate Regina also wishes to apply for Yale to get her grandfather’s inheritance. Your choices can make her successful in achieving her aim or she will fail.

Mean Girls: Sorority Rush:

MeanGirlsThis story is based on when you become a college freshman at Evanston University. In this game, you want to become a sorority sister and your old opponent Regina also plans to be sorority sister. You will have to juggle your academic, personal, romantic life and at the same time strive to become the sorority sister by beating Regina to the task.

Pretty Little Liars:

This story is based on popular television drama series of the same name.  The story begins with you entering in the Rosewood and mesmerized by the mysteries of the town. The game gives a Déjà vu experience as it brings the iconic characters of the series live in front of you.

Hollywood Days with Hayes:

The game is loosely based on the popular novel ‘Twelve days and Twelve Nights in Hollywood with Hayes’. Similar to the book, the game revolves around the same storyline and contains same characters but your story depends on the choices made by you.


In this game, players get struck in the dilemma and they have to choose to be romantically involved with 3 different guys. The game becomes very interesting as the story progresses and you get increasingly attached to the characters.

Campus Crush:

The game begins with your first day in school at Lockwood University and you are introduced to a dating game by your roommate Angie. Here, you will have to make tough calls where you need to balance your classes and dating. The game consists of 113 episodes in all and due to its popularity a new season is being introduced to Episodes Interactive.

Loving Bad:

This story is based on the main protagonist Taylor Price who is in the first year at Oxblood University. The character has beautiful features and players can also customize it as per their preference. As the story progresses, you will understand that Taylor starts falling in love with the school’s bad boy Sin Carter. You will also learn that Taylor is hiding a terrible secret of her family which if leaked will result in total chaos.

Path to fame

Demi Lovato: Path To Fame:

The story revolves around with the main protagonist who is a big fan of Demi Lovato and she gets an opportunity of working with her idol Demi Lovato. The player gets an option to choose things such as whom to date, how to dress, visit different cities and above all perform alongside Demi Lovato.

Bad Boy Bachelor:

In this story, you participate as a contestant in the Bad Boy Bachelor contest. You have to make difficult choices and mould the story in such a way that you end up winning the contest.

My Brother’s Best Friend:

In this story, you play the character of a cheerful college girl who is full of life and falls for her brother’s best friend. Will she be able to ask him out or be in the dilemma forever, will be known on playing the story.


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