How To Create Your Story In Episode

How To Create Your Story In Episode: Choose Your Story Game?

Episode: Choose Your Story is a choice based game where players get to experience different stories and how the story will unfold as per the choices they make! The game features Create Mode, which allows the player to create a story of their choice and share it with other players.

Below mentioned are some important aspects to be considered in order to create your own story in Episode: Choose Your Story game:

  • Players are required to have a social networking account in order to access the Create Story tab in the game.
  • On connecting to social networking account, players can access a tutorial which will allow them to create a simple story.
  • Though the game is playable on mobile platforms, but in order to create a story you need to log on to from your laptop or computer.
  • Players can also access different guides which will allow them to understand the basics of coding in order to write their own story.

Here is the list of different Guides, which can be accessed from the Create tab in the game:

Basic Directing:

In this tutorial, you will understand the basic codes such as Idle Command, Walk, Nod, Eye Rub, Chap, etc. By completing this tutorial, you will understand the basic codes that involve character movements.

Basic Choices:

In this tutorial, you will understand how to insert the basic choices and the outcomes on selection of each choice. For instance, if someone is asking you – ‘Where is Your Phone’ and there are two possible outcomes i.e. Show the Phone or Say It’s Lost. On Selecting ‘Show the Phone’ the character pulls out the phone from his pocket and flashes it.

Advanced Directing:

In this tutorial, you will come to know the concept of Spot Direction, which will allow them to change the location and the character props instantly giving it a magical effect.

Simultaneous Direction:

This video will help you to understand how to direct more than one character at the same time and that too with different expressions. For instance, if you want two characters to respond to a comment and you want one to agree and other to disagree.

Complex Choices:

In this tutorial, you will come to know how to write scripts which involves complex choices and creating branches based on each choice. For example, if you want to give an option to players to choose to go to park or coffee shop. Then, you should design the possibilities in such a way that the player will get the required results on selecting any available option.

Dancing And Kissing:

In this lesson, you will learn how to make two people dance together and perform things such as hugging or kissing each other. This is a very important aspect in the game, as most of the stories are based on college students and involves dating and partying.

Some other Guides included in the game are – Advanced Directing Examples, Picking Names and Outfits, Choices Between Episodes, Nested Choices, and Overlay Animations.

After watching all the guides, make sure that you start practicing them by creating videos on your own. Doing all this a perfect companion will be Episode Hack, so check it!



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